Friday, 4 July 2014

Top CFL Manufacturers and CFL raw material Suppliers- Techstrong Systems

Techstrong systems limited is the best reputed company in Delhi/NCR in CFL manufacturing and in its supplying all over India. Also We manufacture LED Lights, UPS, Solar Lights, Mobile Chargers, AC and DC Adaptors, .As of now it is estimated that the electricity bill is increasing day by day, hence the usage of CFL lights  have played a vital role in maintaining our budget. Techstrong systems ltd. are a bigger supplier of CFL raw material like PCB’s, Assemblies Noida Delhi/NCR and all over India. Our raw materials are of good quality, possess good warranty and eco-friendly in nature.

We supplies the CFLs and their raw materials according to the needs of the customers. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our products are of durable and at negotiable cost. Since the demands increases we are supplying the CFL raw material to various companies from the last decade and improving day by day and expanding business every day by adding new clients to the group. Our team of employees are good, dedicated to over 24x7 to produce best overcome to the customers.
Our own CFL Company has become the major company involving CFL plastic cabinets. We usually generates the PCB’s for several products which might be stronger as the most modern technology is advanced. Our designers by taking the advantage of our universe course manufacturing unit has acquire each and every minor experiments throughout excellent PCB at the same time.

CFL lights are gaining much popularity in market due to its energy- efficiency and cost effectiveness compared to other types of lights. It has been used in homes, offices and commercial centers due to its less power consumption and affordable price compared to incandescent lights. Moreover, the CFL light has become one of the basic needs of man in his daily life nowadays. There are a lot of advantages of CFL lights over other types. The following are some of them.

Compared to incandescent lights, CFL lights in India have gained immense popularity over the world. They will consume only ¼ th of energy that has been consumed by an incandescent lights. Therefore it produces less heat. It is considered to be four times efficient than other conventional lights. They are very durable and less power consumption compared to other lights.

Also we produces CFLs in different types and shapes like Tube shaped (2U, 3U...), Spiral bulbs, Globe bulbs and so on. Prices will vary according to the size, type and shape get changes.
Tube shaped: They are similar to spiral but are thinner and narrow and in the shape of inverted U. They are also available in different watts. Since they are narrow, they are widely used for ceiling fixtures and in task lights. It can also be used for outdoor lighting purposes. We are manufacturing this bulbs in different sizes for producing different power.

Spiral shaped: These are the most common form of lights which are used as ceiling lights, ceiling fixtures etc. They are also known as twist bulb, as it is having a standard light bulb with the shape of swirled glass tube. We are producing this bulbs in wide varieties.
Globe shaped: These are widely used bulbs for decorating purposes such as bathroom vanity lights, pendants, fan lights and ceiling fixtures.