Monday, 28 September 2015

Why we use LED Bulbs?

Now a days every one want to tend to use the Led bulbs in our home and offices, the question of this why everyone want to use LED Bulbs? The answer on this question is very simple LED bulbs have more efficient , ecofriendly , by using the LED lighting you can save 70-80% energy as comparison to other lighting systems.

The LED is also safe of environment because it generates the low heat and also good for the eyes it is the not harmful of the eyes and also the 3 to 4 years life. LED generate the 4 times lumens as compare to incandescent lamps, If you using the any kinds of lighting you purchase the lumens not watts. If the watts of the light is high and lumens is low the light should be dimmer and the lumens is high and watts is low the output will be brighter.

There are many Led bulbs manufacturers in India but techstrong systems is one of them , provides you best quality LED bulbs at reasonable price rate we have  a lot of satisfied client across the India due to the our quality product and services. For more information visit:

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Attractive and power saving LED bulbs

Techstrong Systems is the leading Electronics Company working in the field of Electronics since the last decade. By innovation, design and the implementation of new technology we created lifestyle better, beautiful and easy. For a beautiful lifestyle we created innovative and beautiful LED Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Tub Lights, LED Street Lights and various kinds of LED Products.

LED Bulbs designed by us are very stylish and that of the current generation taste. Today’s generation we can call GENX is very fussy about everything. They need everything to be like them i.e. beautiful, stylish and eye catching. We designed LED Bulbs just like the taste. GENX also wants that the product especially Bulbs and Tube lights to be low on consuming electricity. That’s the reason we tried and successfully created very low consuming LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Street Lights and other LED products. Our LED Products have both the quality in them with low consumption of electricity they also have various designs just increasing the beautiful quotient of home. We supply these LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights and LED Products to not only Delhi and Noida but also to the various parts of India.

We  Techstrong  Systems  are the manufacturers  of  LED bulb in Noida delhi NCR and also suppliers of LED Bulbs in India. Our products have created a place in the ranks of other big corporate houses’ products because of their quality, durability and their functionality. Our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of the products that they always want to order big quantities as they are sure that the product will get completely sold. We always make sure that the customer of us to be completely satisfied as if they now get satisfied then they can buy one time but will not return for the second. So we make sure that never the Quality and Durability get suffered by our production team.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Top CFL Manufacturers and CFL raw material Suppliers- Techstrong Systems

Techstrong systems limited is the best reputed company in Delhi/NCR in CFL manufacturing and in its supplying all over India. Also We manufacture LED Lights, UPS, Solar Lights, Mobile Chargers, AC and DC Adaptors, .As of now it is estimated that the electricity bill is increasing day by day, hence the usage of CFL lights  have played a vital role in maintaining our budget. Techstrong systems ltd. are a bigger supplier of CFL raw material like PCB’s, Assemblies Noida Delhi/NCR and all over India. Our raw materials are of good quality, possess good warranty and eco-friendly in nature.

We supplies the CFLs and their raw materials according to the needs of the customers. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our products are of durable and at negotiable cost. Since the demands increases we are supplying the CFL raw material to various companies from the last decade and improving day by day and expanding business every day by adding new clients to the group. Our team of employees are good, dedicated to over 24x7 to produce best overcome to the customers.
Our own CFL Company has become the major company involving CFL plastic cabinets. We usually generates the PCB’s for several products which might be stronger as the most modern technology is advanced. Our designers by taking the advantage of our universe course manufacturing unit has acquire each and every minor experiments throughout excellent PCB at the same time.

CFL lights are gaining much popularity in market due to its energy- efficiency and cost effectiveness compared to other types of lights. It has been used in homes, offices and commercial centers due to its less power consumption and affordable price compared to incandescent lights. Moreover, the CFL light has become one of the basic needs of man in his daily life nowadays. There are a lot of advantages of CFL lights over other types. The following are some of them.

Compared to incandescent lights, CFL lights in India have gained immense popularity over the world. They will consume only ¼ th of energy that has been consumed by an incandescent lights. Therefore it produces less heat. It is considered to be four times efficient than other conventional lights. They are very durable and less power consumption compared to other lights.

Also we produces CFLs in different types and shapes like Tube shaped (2U, 3U...), Spiral bulbs, Globe bulbs and so on. Prices will vary according to the size, type and shape get changes.
Tube shaped: They are similar to spiral but are thinner and narrow and in the shape of inverted U. They are also available in different watts. Since they are narrow, they are widely used for ceiling fixtures and in task lights. It can also be used for outdoor lighting purposes. We are manufacturing this bulbs in different sizes for producing different power.

Spiral shaped: These are the most common form of lights which are used as ceiling lights, ceiling fixtures etc. They are also known as twist bulb, as it is having a standard light bulb with the shape of swirled glass tube. We are producing this bulbs in wide varieties.
Globe shaped: These are widely used bulbs for decorating purposes such as bathroom vanity lights, pendants, fan lights and ceiling fixtures.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Techstrong systems limited is biggest manufacturers of LED bulbs

There are many LED light suppliers in India. Techstrong systems Limited is amongst the finest suppliers involving LED Bulbs. The output are accomplishing from wonderful extent. Were among the most significant company involving LED lights in Delhi/NCR region. Today, the calls for pertaining to LED lights are generally growing at the quickly rate. LED lights for are generally growing compared to CFL as a result of low priced along with fewer having throughout vitality and also sources. LED is often a extremely desirable light program. We now have very best gurus in this production divisions. Each of our firm is known for our solutions and its particular excellent associated with program in the market.

Presently occasion LED lamp suppliers are significantly available in the market. The LED bulbs are widely-used in several electronics object, as well as in mobile phones for example. LED signals possess extended lifetime and it necessary a really fewer energy. We create the actual LED light bulbs according to the current design and style as well as current cultures. We create the very best quality associated with DIRECTED light bulbs. The particular light bulbs are usually absolutely examined prior to almost any shipping. No potential for almost any seapage can be had missed by simply your specialists. Our principal interest is to make your consumers fulfilled by simply your solutions. Currently assure about your solutions.For more information visit:

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Advance design Ceiling fan manufacturers: Techstrong systems

Techstrong systems Limited is one of the top ranking company in Electronics manufacturing goods located at Delhi/NCR region. We are serving Electronic goods from many years. Our brands are one the renowned brand in the market. We also manufacture different types of fans like ceiling fans, wall mounted fans etc. We supply our products in all over India. Therefore because of our best services and products we are known one of the best Ceiling Fan manufacturing company in India.

We manufacture fans according to the modern looks and designs. The fans suits in the house according to the space of room. Short blade fans for small area and long for the large area. We developed all the types according to ones need. Fan perform a key role for peoples in the summer season so we take care of every useful thing about it. We use best quality of materials in the manufacturing of fans so that no any problem occurs in the fan. The blades are properly manufactured so that bending problem doesn’t occur. Sometimes fans start giving a horrible sounds on moving which we don’t like. So at the time of manufacturing we properly complete the minute parts correctly. It also depends on the maintenance also. 

There are many CeilingFan manufacturers in India. But the best among all is the only one which provide the best products and best services. Techstrong systems has developed itself at that level and made their position at the top. We are known for our good quality products and its life expectancy. We extended our production from a small region to a large extent. At present time we are supplying our products in all over India. Our main attention is to make our clients satisfied with our products quality and its performance. This services make us popular and increase the counting of clients day by day.

We have well experienced engineers and employees who take care of manufacturing plant on all small or big errors. They checked properly the manufactured products so that no any mistake can be left unseen. We complete the clients demand in the desirable deadlines and manufacture products according to the client’s demand. The best product are those which consume less energy and provide us the good services. We uses this theory in manufacturing our products. Any company can be popular in the market only because of its products and we are trying our best to improve our products and demands in the market.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Solar lantern and solar home lighting systems By Techstrong systems limited

If you are searching for a Solar Lanternmanufacturers in India. You will find many companies in a line. But the only thing that everyone want is that “which is the best”. Techstrong systems limited is one of the reputed name in this field. Our company is one of the best manufacturer and supplier located at Noida, India. We offer the customers different shapes of solar lanterns at a very less cost. Solar lantern are known for its portability and design among the clients.

The main features of solar lantern are super bright LED for extra clarity, charging can be done by A.C or Solar as well, environment friendly, easy to use, durable and economical and the maintenance cost is low. This is mostly use at remote villages and universities. But now a days many other firm is preferring the solar lantern because it uses less resources and give better service in comparison to others.

Techsstrong systems Limited also manufacture Solar HomeLighting System. This is a very advance and highly developed device, which is used in many industries for lighting purposes. Solar home lighting system is developed in a way so that it should be user-friendly and according to the clients need. Its efficiency is very high i.e. it can brighten the room with its light. The main features of this device is that it is available in CFL and LED Models both and it is very easy to use.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Power saving CFL lamps by Techstrong systems limited

Techstrong systems limited is the well-known CFL manufacture company based in the Delhi/NCR region. Our company is the largest producer of CFLs and marketers of various electronic products. Our company mind is different from other companies because we are providing CFLs by determining various points that they are not harmful for the environment. In a very short period of time the company is the largest producer of CFLs in the NCR region. Our company aim is to make our environment pollution free so we are basically working on the Green Electronics. Our company officials are available 24x7 whenever our customer faces any problem. Our company is try hand to hand delivery to the customers.

CFL Lights – Lightning up your lives

Now a day, the demand of CFL is increasing tremendously. Lights are used to decorate our houses whenever any function or any type of festival will come so our first arrangement is to decorate homes with the lights. Suitable amount of light is require to avoid spectacles. If we talk about the modern era the Incandescent bulbs are considered as wastage of energy or money. When we look towards the CFL lights, CFL lamps and CFL tubes which are best means of giving light and require a very less amount of energy. The CFL lights are more efficient and easier to use than the incandescent bulbs. CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than the normal bulbs and even its life is ten times longer. We are best CFL bulbs manufacturers in India.

The bulbs which was used in past i.e., Incandescent bulbs are very harmful for the eyes and the bulbs is currently we are using and are very easily available in markets i.e., CFL lights and CFL bulbs are harmless and protect our eyes. Although CFL bulbs costs higher than the incandescent bulbs because it is new technology but it gives you more savings in the future. We also uses finest quality CFL raw material to manufacturer CFL lamps.

There are various points that make CFL is better and better in the following ways-

1.      Efficient
2.      Less expensive
3.      Reduces pollution
4.      High quality lighting
5.      Versatility
6.      Save your energy and money

CFL light is power saving and also cost effective it is fastest growing lights due to his featurers. spiral CFL lamps are extremely durable; many people previous pretty much 10 periods so long as incandescent lamps. And so whether or not their own original charge value is a tad bit more when compared with that will regarding incandescent lamps, the cost is greater than canceled out by means of their own power benefits over the course of their own prolonged life expectancy. And you also ought to replace them much less usually; therefore you save money upon replacement charges.