Monday, 28 September 2015

Why we use LED Bulbs?

Now a days every one want to tend to use the Led bulbs in our home and offices, the question of this why everyone want to use LED Bulbs? The answer on this question is very simple LED bulbs have more efficient , ecofriendly , by using the LED lighting you can save 70-80% energy as comparison to other lighting systems.

The LED is also safe of environment because it generates the low heat and also good for the eyes it is the not harmful of the eyes and also the 3 to 4 years life. LED generate the 4 times lumens as compare to incandescent lamps, If you using the any kinds of lighting you purchase the lumens not watts. If the watts of the light is high and lumens is low the light should be dimmer and the lumens is high and watts is low the output will be brighter.

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