Monday, 28 September 2015

Why we use LED Bulbs?

Now a days every one want to tend to use the Led bulbs in our home and offices, the question of this why everyone want to use LED Bulbs? The answer on this question is very simple LED bulbs have more efficient , ecofriendly , by using the LED lighting you can save 70-80% energy as comparison to other lighting systems.

The LED is also safe of environment because it generates the low heat and also good for the eyes it is the not harmful of the eyes and also the 3 to 4 years life. LED generate the 4 times lumens as compare to incandescent lamps, If you using the any kinds of lighting you purchase the lumens not watts. If the watts of the light is high and lumens is low the light should be dimmer and the lumens is high and watts is low the output will be brighter.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Attractive and power saving LED bulbs

Techstrong Systems is the leading Electronics Company working in the field of Electronics since the last decade. By innovation, design and the implementation of new technology we created lifestyle better, beautiful and easy. For a beautiful lifestyle we created innovative and beautiful LED Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Tub Lights, LED Street Lights and various kinds of LED Products.

LED Bulbs designed by us are very stylish and that of the current generation taste. Today’s generation we can call GENX is very fussy about everything. They need everything to be like them i.e. beautiful, stylish and eye catching. We designed LED Bulbs just like the taste. GENX also wants that the product especially Bulbs and Tube lights to be low on consuming electricity. That’s the reason we tried and successfully created very low consuming LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Street Lights and other LED products. Our LED Products have both the quality in them with low consumption of electricity they also have various designs just increasing the beautiful quotient of home. We supply these LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights and LED Products to not only Delhi and Noida but also to the various parts of India.

We  Techstrong  Systems  are the manufacturers  of  LED bulb in Noida delhi NCR and also suppliers of LED Bulbs in India. Our products have created a place in the ranks of other big corporate houses’ products because of their quality, durability and their functionality. Our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of the products that they always want to order big quantities as they are sure that the product will get completely sold. We always make sure that the customer of us to be completely satisfied as if they now get satisfied then they can buy one time but will not return for the second. So we make sure that never the Quality and Durability get suffered by our production team.