Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Power saving CFL lamps by Techstrong systems limited

Techstrong systems limited is the well-known CFL manufacture company based in the Delhi/NCR region. Our company is the largest producer of CFLs and marketers of various electronic products. Our company mind is different from other companies because we are providing CFLs by determining various points that they are not harmful for the environment. In a very short period of time the company is the largest producer of CFLs in the NCR region. Our company aim is to make our environment pollution free so we are basically working on the Green Electronics. Our company officials are available 24x7 whenever our customer faces any problem. Our company is try hand to hand delivery to the customers.

CFL Lights – Lightning up your lives

Now a day, the demand of CFL is increasing tremendously. Lights are used to decorate our houses whenever any function or any type of festival will come so our first arrangement is to decorate homes with the lights. Suitable amount of light is require to avoid spectacles. If we talk about the modern era the Incandescent bulbs are considered as wastage of energy or money. When we look towards the CFL lights, CFL lamps and CFL tubes which are best means of giving light and require a very less amount of energy. The CFL lights are more efficient and easier to use than the incandescent bulbs. CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than the normal bulbs and even its life is ten times longer. We are best CFL bulbs manufacturers in India.

The bulbs which was used in past i.e., Incandescent bulbs are very harmful for the eyes and the bulbs is currently we are using and are very easily available in markets i.e., CFL lights and CFL bulbs are harmless and protect our eyes. Although CFL bulbs costs higher than the incandescent bulbs because it is new technology but it gives you more savings in the future. We also uses finest quality CFL raw material to manufacturer CFL lamps.

There are various points that make CFL is better and better in the following ways-

1.      Efficient
2.      Less expensive
3.      Reduces pollution
4.      High quality lighting
5.      Versatility
6.      Save your energy and money

CFL light is power saving and also cost effective it is fastest growing lights due to his featurers. spiral CFL lamps are extremely durable; many people previous pretty much 10 periods so long as incandescent lamps. And so whether or not their own original charge value is a tad bit more when compared with that will regarding incandescent lamps, the cost is greater than canceled out by means of their own power benefits over the course of their own prolonged life expectancy. And you also ought to replace them much less usually; therefore you save money upon replacement charges.